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February 3  10:00 am

Culinary Medicine

Presenter: Jaclyn Albin, MD, FAAP, FACP     


March 3   7:00 pm 

Precision Medicine: Hope or Hype?

Presenter:  Robert Mennel, MD


April 7   1:00 pm 

Humanities in Medicine

Presenters: Dennis M. Kratz, PhD


May 5   7:00 pm

It Is Easier and Less Expensive to Prevent Disease than to Find a Cure

Presenter: Ken Cooper, MD, MPH


May 19  7:00 pm 

Gene Editing

Presenter: Eric Olson, PhD


May 26   10:00 am 

Installation of 2021-2022 Board



Additional Programs for our members:


Dallas Bach Society Aldredge House Series bonus programs Oct. 24, Jan. 30, Feb. 20, May 8, by link to video 


Swiss Avenue Walk, if Covid-19 lifts, to be scheduled as a bonus for a morning in spring. The event will feature health benefits and best ways for walking (presenter from a certified group such as Cooper Aerobics Center) and a touch of Swiss Avenue history. Brunch or picnic follows.


Additional Special Programs:

Of special interest to our physician members, CME Credit for Select Courses


Young Alliance Events (Dates and times to be decided as the course of the pandemic is made clear) Family Picnics, Yoga and Coffee, Financial Planning, E-Learning, Women’s Wine Nights, Men’s Gatherings


TMAA Regional Conference October 2, 2020 (virtual)


TMAA ALLMED Conference May 13 - 14, 2021 JW Marriot Austin - Austin, TX

New Website Coming Soon!

Stay tuned.

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Congratulations to our newly installed 

2020-21 Board of Directors

DCMSA & Foundation Boards

Elected Officers


    President     Kaki Hopkins

    President Elect    Rulan Hebeler

    1st VP Health    Keli Jones, MD

    1st VP-Elect    Karen Bradshaw, MD

    2nd VP Philanthropy    Kathy Stone

    3rd VP Aldredge House    Sandra Brothers, MD & Mike Holub, MD

    4th VP Edith Cavell    Angie Kadesky

    5th VP Membership    Karen Reardon

    6th VP Programs     Sandra Steinbach, MD

    7th VP Legislature    Christine Goff

    Recording Secretary    Elizabeth Benson

    Corresponding Secretary    Deborah Parnell

    Treasurer    Annette Rutherford

    Parliamentarian    Lynn Hamilton

    Historian    Jeanette Wharton


                   President’s Advisory                     Laura Noe, Chair

   Barbara Bradfield

   Mary Geisler   

   Robert Gunby, MD

                                                                                  Lori Routh                                                                                 

DCMSA & Foundation Standing Committees


                        Budget                                                   Annette Rutherford, Chair

                        Philanthropic Review                          Stephanie Haley, Chair

                        Finance                                            Sheri Miller, Chair

                        Benefactors Endowment Fund            Pam Brannon, Chair

                        Aldredge House                         Sandra Brothers, MD & Mike Holub, MD, Co-Chairs

                        Membership                                    Karen Reardon, Chair

                        Nominating                                     Laura Noe, Chair

                        Evaluation                                       Laura Noe, Chair

Special Committees/Appointed

                        Alliance Retired Physicians                               Marvin Stone MD & Dan DeMarco, MD, Co-Chairs

                        Young Alliance                                      Liza Raynor, Chair

                        Alliance Women in Medicine               Susan Kohl, MD

Physicians in Training                   Katie Hebeler, MD

                        Classic Members                                   JoAnne McCullough, Chair

                        Assistant Treasurer                             Jo North

                        DISD Outreach Chair                            Merriellin Lehner, Chair

                        Bayles Elementary School Project                  Libby Luterman, Chair

                        Community Partnerships                    Margaret Owen, PhD & Vernell Shuey, Co-Chairs

                        Communications PR/Social Media     Angelique Reagor, Chair

                        Marketing/PR/Social Media                Sharon Kirkpatrick, Chair

                        Website Director                                  Sheri Miller

                        Directory                                               Sandy Secor, Chair

                        Photography                                         Holly Hoffman, Chair

                        Annual Album                                      Rachal Nettune,Chair

                        Volunteers On Call                                Veronica Frazier, Chair

                        Hospitality/Decorations                      Wendy Hansen, Chair

                        Master Calendar                                   Patty Ken, Chair

                        Aldredge House Preservation Fund    Elizabeth Gunby, Chair

                        Bylaws                                                   Barenda Hino, Chair

                        Liaisons for FOAH                                Harryette Ehrhardt, Nancy Shelton

                        Long Range/Strategic Plans               Kay Hyland, Chair

                        Docents                                                 Brooke Scruggs,Chair

Programs Advisor    Liza Lee

Dallas County Medical Society

Alliance and Foundation

Special Mid-Year Membership for 2020

Please return this form by July 30 to be listed in the DCMSA&F Directory.

Dues will not be collected at this time for the state (TMAA) or DCMSA since the 2021 Membership Renewal will be mailed in early fall, 2020.

We do invite you to support our Healthcare Education and Outreach Projects with a donation of any size, if you would like.

Yes, I would like to donate $___________

Please make check payable to DCMSAF.

 Mail to-

Karen Reardon

3628 Greenbriar Drive

Dallas, TX 75225

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