Upcoming Events

Watch for an announcement of the 2021-22 Season of programs.  In the meantime. please feel free to enjoy recordings of last year’s programs.

There are no upcoming events at this time

Other Events

There are no upcoming events at this time

When We Meet

To Plan, Learn, Entertain, Serve, Particpate

  • General Membership Meetings (usually with brunch or lunch) and a Program
  • Board Meetings
  • Executive Board Meetings
  • Meetings of Committees of the Board
  • Evening Speaker Events  (always with hors d’oeuvres or dinner)
  • Special Receptions for Welcoming VIP guests
  • An Occasional Tea in Our Historic House Museum
  • Welcoming Guests for Tours of the House Museum
  • Holiday-themed Celebrations for Members and Community
  • Enjoying Living History Tours of Friends of Aldredge House
  • When We Want to Explore Literature, Architecture, Arts and History
  • When We Participate in Swiss Avenue Historic District Events or Projects
  • To Learn a New Skill or Concept or Scientific Fact –About Medicine, Cheese, Wine or Travel

And to work

  • Gardening
  • Silver Polishing
  • Organizing Storage
  • Searching the Archives
  • Decorating for the Holidays
  • Special House Cleaning Projects
  • Setting Up and Producing Alliance Events
  • And thanks to our new Aldredge House Co-Chairmen, Drs. Brothers and Holub, Clearing Fallen Branches, Repairing Damaged Doors and on and on and on
  • Reporting off property to any Health Fair, Disaster Response or school that needs us


Photos from some of our most recent member events!

Enjoying a book review about Rena Munger Aldredge and the beauty she shared with the world

Authored by a proud and knowing member of the Aldredge Family.

The book – Rena’s Gospel of Beauty,

The author – Betsy Dudley Slater

Aldredge family members standing in front of a doorway they know so well of a home treasured by many

L to R:  Cindy Aldredge, Debbie McEntire, Jessie Shelburne, Betsy Dudley Slater, Laurie Aldredge,

Betsy Cullum