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When We Meet

To Plan, Learn, Entertain, Serve, Particpate

  • General Membership Meetings (usually with brunch or lunch) and a Program
  • Board Meetings
  • Executive Board Meetings
  • Meetings of Committees of the Board
  • Evening Speaker Events  (always with hors d’oeuvres or dinner)
  • Special Receptions for Welcoming VIP guests
  • An Occasional Tea in Our Historic House Museum
  • Welcoming Guests for Tours of the House Museum
  • Holiday-themed Celebrations for Members and Community
  • Enjoying Living History Tours of Friends of Aldredge House
  • When We Want to Explore Literature, Architecture, Arts and History
  • When We Participate in Swiss Avenue Historic District Events or Projects
  • To Learn a New Skill or Concept or Scientific Fact –About Medicine, Cheese, Wine or Travel

And to work

  • Gardening
  • Silver Polishing
  • Organizing Storage
  • Searching the Archives
  • Decorating for the Holidays
  • Special House Cleaning Projects
  • Setting Up and Producing Alliance Events
  • And thanks to our new Aldredge House Co-Chairmen, Drs. Brothers and Holub, Clearing Fallen Branches, Repairing Damaged Doors and on and on and on
  • Reporting off property to any Health Fair, Disaster Response or school that needs us


Photos from some of our most recent member events!

Enjoying a book review about Rena Munger Aldredge and the beauty she shared with the world

Authored by a proud and knowing member of the Aldredge Family.

The book – Rena’s Gospel of Beauty,

The author – Betsy Dudley Slater

Aldredge family members standing in front of a doorway they know so well of a home treasured by many

L to R:  Cindy Aldredge, Debbie McEntire, Jessie Shelburne, Betsy Dudley Slater, Laurie Aldredge,

Betsy Cullum