We Are

A group of approximately 440 Members

Spouses of Physicians

Practicing Physicians – Male and Female

Retired Physicians

Young Physicians and their Families

Medical Students and Residents

ll serving the community through health education & outreach projects for all.

Classic Members

We are the core group of this growing organization. Over a hundred years ago, as wives of physicians in Dallas, we created an auxiliary to be of service during World War I. We set the mission of medical service and over time allowed that mission to grow and respond to the needs of the community.  Today, forty-seven years after having been gifted a beautiful mansion on Swiss Avenue to serve as our headquarters and to be shared with the public, we have an increased mission. In addition to serving the community with health-related education and programs, we have added preservation of this recently designated Historic House Museum as part of our duties in serving the community. It is from that house that the ideas for our outreach are spawned and are then set into motion, that educational leaders in our community come to help facilitate our work with the schools, that we are able to bring experts in various areas of medicine to present to the community and to our members.

Alliance Retired Physicians

We are Retired Physicians who seek the opportunities the Alliance offers to meet with others who have shared similar paths in medicine and want to, along with our spouses, continue to learn together and continue to serve the community.

We bring our experience, medical knowledge and influence in the medical world to the organization to enhance their programming and the effectiveness of their outreach.

Alliance Women in Medicine

We are Women in Medicine who look to the organization for interesting programs either to take our minds off our work for a few minutes or to delve deeper into cutting edge medical topics, utilizing the chances for Continuing Medical Education or assisting with student immunizations.

Young Alliance

We are young families who love to meet and discuss our medical roles in the world while watching our children play in the backyard of Aldredge House, meet for yoga and coffee on Saturday mornings or join others in the Alliance for outstanding speaker programs and CME’s for professional development. Young Alliance supports one another with family –friendly lunches and holiday gatherings, and we host events for such necessities as financial planning, education and self-care. We also have a directory app for easy communication and referrals.


Physicians in Training

We are Medical Students and Medical Residents, severely involved with our classes and training. The Dallas County Medical Society Alliance and Foundation has offered to help make us feel at home in Dallas. If we ever have time to take them up on it, we will take advantage of meeting with the physicians in their group or attending a program or two.

In Summary

We are a group in the vast family of medicine drawn together by place – by experiencing or having experienced our professional and family lives in Dallas. We center our Medical Alliance activities and the planning of our community outreach in a very specific place in Dallas, a place the state and city has distinguished as an Historic House Museum, our much honored headquarters, Aldredge House, which we have owned, managed and preserved since 1974.