Sheri Miller, Chair

Finance Committee

In the leadership hierarchy of the DCMSA&F Board there are the president and seven vice presidents. Sheri has served in all those positions except 4th and 7th  vice presidents. (That means no Edith Cavel VP or Legislative VP) She made up for it with all the other positions she has served in – treasurer and finance chair for the last six years being the longest term. She did all this service while being a caring wife and raising a son and a daughter. Her husband Mark, a gastroenterologist, must understand her devotion to serving the community through the Medical Alliance since he is from a family filled with physicians, including his father.

The Position

 Sheri chairs the committee that oversees the financial status of the Alliance and Foundation by making evaluations of the assets, making recommendations to the board of directors, reviewing contracts, handling gifts (property, cash or stocks) and providing other financial functions.