Sandra Steinbach, MD

6th VP- Programs

Sandy and her husband Herb retired from medicine after practicing for over fifty years in the Dallas community.  Sandy and Herb have been active members  of the Dallas County Medical Society as well as the Medical Auxiliary (Now Alliance)  All those years, while rearing four children, they travelled  and almost reached their goal of visiting every National Park in the United States. Sandy has just published her third book Wrapping it Up , part of a trilogy she has complied from poems and essays she wrote during her medical career as a psychiatrist.

The Position

Creativity is a good attribute to have as Chair of Programs, which means planning with a committee all the non-outreach programs for the year. This year the process goes beyond coming up with a list of excellent programs and getting them scheduled and actualized. Each of the membership groups- Classic Members, Retired Physicians, Women in Medicine,  Young Alliance and Physicians in Training – will have input into creating that list in order to make sure all members will have programs aimed at pleasing them, And of course, coping with the complications of the pandemic will have to enter into their planning. A tall order indeed.