Robert Gunby

Past President

Bob has been a leader in the medical community for decades. His passion is for providing access to quality care for women and a passion for advocating for the practice of medicine at the local, state, and national levels. The Texas Medical Association’s Distinguished Service Award as an event capping a long medical caree, which continues today. After over 35 years of caring for transplant patients, he has delivered more babies from a transplanted uterus than any other physician in the world. He has also delivered the second smallest surviving baby in this country – 11 ounces! A past president of the TMA, the DCMS, and as president of the DCMSAF and a practicing OBGYN, made his transition as the first male president this organization an easy one.

The Position

To advise, you must first listen. To serve the Alliance, you must have the desire to support the family of medicine. To be successful working in a volunteer organization, you must respect the efforts and opinions of others.  Add a big heart for trying to help in any way he can, and you understand why Bob is an asset. Physicians, practicing full-time, only make time for what they believe is important, a great compliment for the Medical Alliance.