Patty Ken, Chair

Chair, Master Calendar

Patty hails from Overland Park Kansas and is a proud KU Jayhawk fan. She and her husband James Ken, who specializes in interventional radiology, have 3 children ages 28, 26 and 23. She has been a member of DCMSAF for fifteen years. Until recently, her main focus was serving on the Aldredge House committee, however, now she currently oversees the organization’s master calendar. 

The Position

As chair of the Master Calendar, her primary responsibility is to maintain the online directory for the Medical Alliance. The request that come to her range from DCMSA&F committee meetings, General Membership meetings, programs, events and occasions such as other non-profits’ uses of the Aldredge House. The second part of the job is responding to requests regarding film and portrait shoots by answering the emails, checking for availability, coordinating as needed with other Alliance leaders, sending contacts, collecting payments and adding those events to the calendar.