Merriellin Lehner, Chair

DISD High School Immunizations Health Education/Outreach

Merriellin is a native of Dallas. She grew up in University Park and attended Ursuline Academy. She graduated from the University of Texas with a BSN in 1974 and has worked in nursing from pediatrics to geriatrics ever since. She is presently working at The Carrell Clinic with a large group of orthopedic doctors. Her husband is a retired anesthesiologist. She is mother to four children and has eleven grandchildren. As a firm believer in immunizations, she is a natural for the position she holds in the Alliance.

The Position

This job is at the heart of the Alliance’s mission. She has discovered that the need is great in the Dallas public high schools to prepare students to be accepted onto college campuses, into careers and the military by immunizing them. Students cannot enter a college campus without having been immunized against meningitis, and that includes a subset of students who are eligible to take advanced courses at one of the community colleges in Dallas. She will be working with school nurses to figure out a plan and will also be recruiting many medical volunteers to assist with this valuable service to the community. With the pandemic, arrangements to provide these services will be challenging