Bayles Elementary
Outreach Project

Bayles Elementary School
Outreach Project

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this campaign.  We sincerely appreciate your support.

Genie and James Bentley, MD

Betty Bookout

Greta Brodsky, MD

Ann and Ted Carelock, MD

Linda and Franklin Leroy Casey, MD

Susan and Leonard Cedars, MD

Anita and Eidson Cheung, MD

Jeanie and Alex Chuang, MD

Julie and James Cochran, MD

Dallas Concierge Doctor, PLLC

Cindy and William Elder, MD

Mary and Gerald Geisler, MD

Rosemary and James Goodman, MD

Charles Haley, MD

Lynn and J. Kent Hamilton, MD

Wendy S. Harpham, MD and Ted Harpham

Cherry and David A. Haymes, MD

Patricia and Michael Highbaugh, MD

Tres and Patrick Hodges, MD

Cathie Yaussey, MD and R. Nick Hogan, MD

Kaki and Shelton Hopkins, MD

Ann P. Hurt

John W. Hyland, MD

Jean and Donald Kennerly, MD

Patsy Lewis

H. Lieberman, MD

Elizabeth and Robert G. Mennel, MD

Laurel and Thomas P. Meyers, MD

Elizabeth and Gary Morchower, MD

Naomi Winick, MD and Joseph Murphy, MD

Helen and Charles Nixon, MD

Pat and Claude Prestidge, MD

Victor Ramon, MD

Barbara and Merrick Reese, MD

William C. Roberts, MD

Sally and Robert Rosen, MD

Jed Rosenthal, MD

Carolyn and Wyatt Rousseau, MD

Susan Kohl, MD and Vince Rowe

Jody and R. Pick Scruggs, MD

Steven M. Seidenfeld, MD

Drs. Sandy and Herbert Steinbach

Kathy and Marvin Stone, MD

Helen and William Sutker, MD

Roena and Charles Tandy, MD

Anagene and Bobby L. Temple, MD

Kim Dawson Vernon, MD

Karen and Paul Wade, MD

Martin G. White, MD

Grace and Leon Wolf, MD