Sarah Hardin


Sarah moved to Dallas in 1981 and had a colorful professional career before marrying Mark A. Hardin, M.D. in 1981. Sarah met Mark on a blind date masterminded by DCMSAF Past President Jean Jones and her husband Dr. George Jones. Sarah immediately got involved in the DCMSAF after marrying Mark, serving in many board positions and such as President, Co-Chair of the DCMSAF cookbook A Thyme to Remember, Chair of the Style Show & Luncheon , Co-Chair of several Aldredge House Holiday Luncheons, fundraisers and more. She has enjoyed being on the Aldredge House Committee for many years and treasures her memories and friendships made through DCMSAF activities. Sarah is a very busy community volunteer with current board and leadership positions in many organizations such as the DMA League, Women’s Council of the Dallas Arboretum, DSO League, Junior League Sustainers Leadership Council, Women’s Board of the Dallas Opera, Preservation Park Cities, P.E.O., Standard Club, Center for Brain Health, Mes Amies, several garden clubs, book clubs and Northway Christian Church. Sarah was awarded the 2021 WCDABG Leadership Award, the 2019 DMA Faye Briggs Award and the 2014 Boys and Girls Club Volunteer of the Year. Sarah is grateful to have her children, Caroline and Spencer in Dallas. She enjoys travelling, cooking, entertaining, decorating, public speaking, collecting art and antiques, visiting museums, attending musical and theatrical performances, watching classic movies and football.

The Position

Making certain the board follows the organization’s bylaws is the main focus of the parliamentarian. It also includes having a working knowledge of the latest version of Robert’s Rules of Order. This year Sarah’s job will also include serving on the Bylaws Committee to review and most likely revise the Alliance’s current set.