RuLan Hebeler


RuLan has been a member since 1996 and has served as vice president for membership and recently served as chair of the Aldredge House committee for three consecutive years. She and her husband Rick have three children, and two of them (twins) followed their parents into healthcare. RuLan is an RN and their son is working on his BSN from Baylor University; following in her father’s footsteps, their daughter just started her general surgery residency at Baylor. She is also following in her mother’s footsteps by accepting a position on the DCMSAF board as chair of Alliance Physicians in Training.

The Position

To have vision, love for working with people, organizational skills, a heart for the mission and willingness to put in the time – that pretty well spells out the essentials of the job. To have a creative bent along with organizational skills makes a great mix particularly in visualizing how to bring the most minds together in planning programs and events. In this organization we are working as members of the family of medicine, so the world is a familiar, important and exciting one to navigate through. It’s a great job to have the honor to perform, and it’s a real bonus when one can always keep one’s sense of humor on the ready to get through those tough spots.