Margaret Owen, PhD, Chair

Institutions Community Partnerships

Margaret is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Dallas, where she directs the Center for Children and Families, contributing to research, training and outreach for optimal development. Her expertise stems from nearly forty years of research contributing to the literature on mother-child and father-child relationships and children’s development in the context of these and other close relationships. She is strongly committed to understanding sources of risk and protection in the context of children’s relationships, particularly in the lives of vulnerable children and youth. Margaret and her spouse, Stuart Owen, MD, moved to Dallas in 1980, following Stuart’s completion of medical school and residency in internal medicine and Margaret’s graduate training at the University of Michigan. They have three grown children and four young grandchildren, making for fun and exciting family gatherings

The Position

The Alliance has an obligation as an organization that cares for the community to also share its Historic House Museum designated headquarters with institutions and professional organizations that relate to the home through historical, architectural, cultural, medical and educational means. As chair of this effort, Dr. Owen will contact specific and appropriate groups to invite them to benefit through having a presence in the house for programs, research and study.