Dan DeMarco, MD, Co-Chair

Alliance Retired Physicians Membership/Program Committees

Dr. DeMarco graduated from UT Southwestern Medical School at Dallas and became a boarded internist and gastroenterologist after training at Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC). He was a founding partner of one of the largest GI groups in the country as well as Medical Director of BUMC endoscopy. He retired in 2013 and remains a leader in local, regional and national GI matters and a Clinical Professor of Medicine for Texas A&M College of Medicine. He is married to Cara East, MD. Their son is a PhD student and teacher of theoretical physics at MIT. Dr. DeMarco now enjoys photography, using a camera instead of a scope!

The Position

This is the first year for the membership group of Alliance Retired Physicians. A half dozen or so retired physicians formed the group as a way for those who have retired from private practice to continue to have opportunities for camaraderie with their peers in medicine and to continue to share experiences of learning as they assist the Alliance in developing programs of interest to medical professionals, their spouses and the community.