Brooke Scruggs, Chair

Docents/Alliance Representatives

A long-time Dallasite who is “in love with our city’s vibrant culture for art, music, diversity and fellowship to help one another.” Brooke is an active animal rescuer and advocate helping pets state-wide with Dallas DogRRR and Legacy Boxer Rescue. She specializes in medical and special needs fostering. Married to Granger Scruggs, a radiation oncologist with Texas Oncology, she is a loving stepmother of two sons. For her sons’ school, she serves on the Parent Faculty Club Executive Committee for Lakehill Preparatory School, where she co-chaired the record-breaking 2020 Annual Auction. In her spare time one can find her in her studio where she paints the world as she sees it through her abstract lens.

The Position

While public tours have been suspended this year – at least until Covid-19 allows them to take off again, Brooke is in charge of recruiting a group of tour guides for Aldredge House and providing training for them to conduct group and individual tours. She is also charged with making certain that any event at Aldredge House not presented by the Medical Alliance has a representative from the Alliance on the premises.